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Q. What are the challenges involved in playing a lead role in historical drama?


Legendary Hollywood Star Maureen O’ Hara shares her thoughts on appearing in the 1939 classic Hunchback of Notre Dame with another screen legend Charles Laughton, while up and coming musical star Zoe George reflects on playing the same role in the recent musical production.


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Q. How can I develop my career as a backing vocalist?

Oscar winning documentary director Morgan Neville (’20 Feet from Stardom”) and legendary singer and songwriter Susaye Greene (The Supremes, The Raelettes) share their insights into one of the most important but-until now-unsung careers in the music industry.


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Q. How can I develop and market an original image for my act?


Musician, ALI and Magician Doug Segal talk about how they have developed their careers in an individual direction while still enjoying commercial success


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Q. How can I combine a Presenting career with Programme making…and why is this a good idea?


Experienced BBC presenter and broadcaster Trish Adudu discusses how she balances both roles and why they are both areas aspiring presenters should focus on.


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Q. How can I use social media to promote my music?


Up and coming musicians  Tommy Eye and Just Millie talk about how they are using social media to promote their work.


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Q. How do I develop my specialist presenting career?


Top Sky News weather presenter  Nazaneen Gaffar and champion triathelete and sports presenter Annie Emmerson talk about the preparation work that has helped them build their careers.


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Q. How can I thrive in a behind the scenes career?


‘Go to’ People in broadcast research and PR Mimi Barber and Sophia Jackson share some tips of their respective trades…including some tips from Sophia for performers aiming to get the most from their friendly neighbourhood PR person.


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