One to One Sessions via Skype or In Person now booking

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Effective and Practical One to One Support for Your Career in person or via Skype

For over a decade John Byrne has been one of the most respected and effective independent career advisors in the UK Theatre and entertainment industry.

In addition to his work for The Stage Newspaper and ongoing schedule of lectures and workshops at drama institutions and major industry events, John’s one to one sessions offer friendly, confidential and effective support with a wide variety of career goals and challenges.


”Thank you so much for seeing me today. SO useful. I’m straight to Spotlight on Monday to make the tweaks we spoke about.”

”I’ve got a new agent and a recurring role in a soap-thank you”.

”We covered a lot of ground today and I’m pumped to work on those goals we set out”.

”Two paid in roles in the same month!”

”Didn’t expect things to happen so fast. I now have a voice agent and a slot in a very prestigious showcase-definitely interested in a follow up session”



What makes a consultation with John different?


In this highly personalised one to one meeting, John Byrne, leading Entertainment Industry career advisor and Careers Clinic Columnist for The Stage newspaper has just one aim : to help you quickly and easily create an effective personal business plan to get your acting career up and running with the best possible chance of success, using the foundations that work for every business. (We’ll also get you back on track if you are already in the business but stuck in the ‘waiting for other people/waiting for that big break/waiting for Simon Cowell to say yes’ rut which causes so many talented performers to give up).

”Follow John’ s advice and you’ll know you’re doing  the right things” Sheila Ferguson, million selling singer and West End Star



Who will benefit from a one to one session?



This session is for actors at every stage of their career.  You don’t need previous business training (although you may well know more than you think!) and this isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach. You do need passion, commitment and a willingness to take the plan John will help you work on and apply it to your day to day career. Over the last decade many actors, ranging from students and recent graduates to seasoned professionals have done so with very successful results. 

“I found the idea of managing your own business and being essentially your own businesswoman was really, really helpful.” — Emily Thompson, London  



What will I get from my one to one session?

The one to one is your time with John and we will focus on what is most important to you, but previous clients have found topics like the following of great benefit to their individual careers: • Identifying your unique branding as a performer and being able to market yourself to the industry • Using and balancing your career, day job(s) and time effectively to achieve measurable results • Representing yourself effectively (whether you  have an agent or not)

‘’The more knowledge you have the better; the more you get realistic about your own type and your own talent and the industry.” — Renate Morley, Bournemouth



Where and when?

John’s one to ones take place regularly in Central London and are now also available via Skype 


What is the cost?

A 45 minute session with John (including follow up to make sure you achieve your goal) costs

£50 for an in-person session *

£35 for a Skype session *

Fee Payable when you make your booking-Skype session will normally be within 7 days, in person within 14 days except at peak periods. You will always be offered the soonest available booking.

How do I secure my one to one appointment?

For next one to one appointment slots available email via this link:

Pre-session preparation materials and location details will be sent to you as soon as booking is confirmed. You will always be offered the next available timeslot but please be aware that one to one days tend to fill up fast, and  we can only hold timeslots for a short time.

What If I get a last minute audition having booked my session? Once booked, sessions can be rescheduled (due to last minute auditions etc) as long as you give us 24hrs notice.

JOHN’S PERSONAL GUARANTEE: ”Once you aspire to be successful in any part of your life but especially in the performing world , you will find a whole range of people lining up to take your money for promises, products and ‘secrets’ often with very little result. I do not want to be one of those people.If you attend a one to one session or workshop with me, apply the principles for 30 days and genuinely do not believe it is helpful to your career, I will refund your money in full.’